Alcohol Rehab Treatment


Red Road Recovery provides complete alcohol treatment program. Getting rid of an alcohol addiction can consume long time, but possible. However, if you’re prepared to stop drinking and willing to get the support, you can overcome alcoholism no matter how bad the addiction is.

Withdrawing from alcohol

After regular use, your body becomes dependent on alcohol and goes through withdrawal if you suddenly stop drinking.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are:

• Nausea or vomiting
• Shaking
• Sweating
• Headache
• Anxiety and restlessness
• Trouble concentrating or sleeping
• Diarrhea and Stomach cramps
• Elevated heart rate and blood pressure

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms start within a day or two after you stop drinking, and improve within five days. However, in some cases, withdrawal is not just unpleasant—it can be life menacing.

Whether you decide to go to rehab, get therapy, depend on self-help programs, or take a self-directed treatment, support is necessary. Overcoming alcohol addiction becomes quite easy when you have people for support, comfort, encouragement, and guidance.

Red Road Recovery treatment center understands that amenities play a great role in a successful physical and mental rehabilitation process. We are a modern residential treatment center with highest standard of facilities to our clients.

Our clients feel wonderful and relieved when they enter our state-of-the-art facility.

Our Services

• Personal attention is devoted to every client to let them feel loved and welcomed.
• Customized treatment plans according to the individual’s needs, strengths and abilities.
• Counseling and group discussions are held to let clients interact and understand each other.
• The experienced medical team at Red Road Recovery ensures that people do not become mentally poor during their rehabilitation procedure.
• Psycho-educational classes are arranged for clients to become aware about the recovery process.
• Medication is carefully supervised. Suboxone has been developed to aid relieve withdrawal symptoms
• Spacious bedrooms are provided for adequate sleep. Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by our kitchen staff.

Attend the alcohol abuse residential treatment program at Red Road Recovery and eliminate the stress from your life.