Mental Health/Co-occurring


Individuals suffering from mental health disorders as well as substance use disorders are often diagnosed with having co-occurring disorders, or dual disorders. This is also known as dual diagnosis.

Type of Substance Use Disorder:

• Alcohol or drug reliance
• Alcohol or drug abuse

Drug or Alcohol abuse is diagnosed when substance causes imbalance and affect performance at work, school, and in relationships.

Alcohol or drug addiction is a much severe state than drug or alcohol abuse. People with addiction have failed in their attempts to control or desist from their use of substances.

In several conditions, physiological dependence may also exist. It is indicated by withdrawal (showing symptoms such as nausea or tremors when substance use has stopped) and heightened tolerance (necessity of a more substance to get the same result).

Mental health disorders

Mental health disorders found in chemically-dependent people such as anxiety and mood disorders. People with severe mental illness also have co-occurring disorders. These are severe because of the length of episodes and intensity of illness. These mental health disorders include schizoaffective and schizophrenia disorder.

These co-occurring troubles affect each other by complicating even simplest situations. The substance abuse problem usually gets worse if left untreated. A mental health problem usually increases with the sudden increase of drug or alcohol abuse.

It is very difficult to deal with drug or alcohol addiction, and also when you’re stressed with mental health problems, but there are treatments that can assist you in a right direction.

Symptoms of a co-occurring disorder:

• Feelings of isolation

• Problems at work place
• Problems with spouse
• Difficulty in expressing thought and mood
• Incapability to control expenses
• Inability to manage anger
• Violent attacks
• Mood swings

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