Red Road Recovery detox center aims to assist a person to overcome addiction and live a sober life. Our Psychiatrist prescibe medications to suppress cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms and cure other health issues, such as anxiety, depression or malnutrition. We also provide therapies, including group sessions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational therapies and one-on-one counseling sessions.

Drugs and alcohol pose the risk of multiple disorders, physiological and psychological. Alcohol abuse poses the risk of violence, cirrhosis of the liver, and inability to carry out daily tasks. Side effects and withdrawal symptoms of stopping alcohol or drug abuse can be dangerous if not properly supervised by a medical expert.

Drugs such as opiates slow down most of the body’s functions, making it hard for a person to function properly. Overdose of drugs leads to severe vomiting and cramping along with headache that reduces the ability to concentrate. Some antisocial drugs may overheat the body, and a lack of sleep may lead to irritability.

Red Road Recovery in San Jose works closely with ADD/ADHD specialists and addictionologists. A detoxification protocol is planned to give a safe and painless treatment, under the guidance of our addictionologist and nero-psychiatrists.

The Doctor prescribes medications that reduce the withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings to prevent a person from finishing a detox program.

Though drug and alcohol detoxification are similar, they vary in protocol and medications used.

Detox is not as difficult as people think. With the help of advanced methods, detox rehabilitation has become an everyday occurrence here at Red Road Treatment Center, San Jose.

We provide following treatment:

• Alcoholism
• Club drugs
• Methamphetamine
• Cocaine and Heroin
• Oxycodone and Oxycontin
• Opioids and Steroids
• Stimulants, Xanax and Valium
• Inhalants, Acid, LSD and Marijuana etc