Alumni Extended Care


At Red Road Recovery, treatment is just the beginning of a new journey of lifelong healing. Behavioral and Addiction issues have created disarray in the lives of many people. We provide a direction that can give invaluable support along the way.

Red Road Recovery’s Alumni extended care program has been going strong for many years and is dedicated to provide the significant support for every member of the extended family. This process helps the graduates in their continual walk to a lifetime of soberness. We help new clients in full recovery by providing 24*7 help and assistance.

Our alumni members are dedicated to supporting those who have begun the journey of recovery.

Our Alumni Extended Care Program Includes:

• Weekly alumni meetings attended by active alumni members.
• Monthly alumni meetings
• Personal follow-up support
• Alumni newsletter
• Annual reunion
• Program that connects alumni with present clients for weekend visits
• Monthly panels bring alumni back to share their stories of strength and hope with current residential clients

Our alumni members are enthusiastic to help direct our new clients to the right path and help in a speedy recovery. We maintain our relations with clients well after their graduation and through entire life.