Clients come into Red Road Recovery residential and detox programs in San Jose to get the best treatment and recommendation for anxiety or pain medications.

When you enter Red Road Recovery’s detox program, you will be attended by our Psychiatrist and professional staff to help you go through an intake procedure. You will be assigned a counselor who will work with you on your healing. Several questions will be asked on your drug history and previous use. It is essential to answer all questions as honestly as possible. Your counselor will create a treatment plan based on your medical   requirements.

After the completion of the intake process, you will be given a tour of the detox services so you can easily locate the whole thing. You will then be taken to your room. A counselor will help you unpack your luggage to make sure you do not have any drug items with you

Detoxing off drugs can be life menacing, if not supervised properly. It is recommended to not to try this without specialized guidance. It is not unusual for a man to have seizures up to ten days after terminating the usage without a detox plan. Once a person has his first seizure the second one becomes more probable to happen in the future. During detoxing, it is essential that your crucial signs are supervised frequently. It is important to stay hydrated and take minimal 8 hours of sleep.  You will be monitored every thirty minutes in the early stages of detox.

Suboxone Detox is an advanced, comfortable and pain-free way to treat the symptoms of   drugs removal. It also helps in reducing the intense craving that often hinder or prevent a person from detox of morphine, heroin, oxycontin and narcotic addictions. It is a much improved method for the treatment of opiate dependence and other opiate addictive chemicals.

Red Road Recovery specializes in Drug/alcohol abuse treatment, and assures patient about complete and healthy recovery.