Drug Rehab Treatment


Red Road Recovery Center of San Jose has been praised for the facilities and programs it offers. In Red Road rehab treatment programs, patients are highly motivated to finish toxic relationships. Toxic relationships have the tendency to lead to drug abuse. On the other hand, patients are encouraged to seek out support from the people who share the same journey.

Family members of rehab patients can look for drug rehab information by talking to the doctors and counselors. Family members and friends can support and help patients by learning about drug addiction or by participating in counseling sessions with the patients. By learning about the coping skills, family members and friends can help the patient in re-structuring his/her life. Often drug addiction can adversely affect family and friends of the addict. In this situation, we offer healing and counseling services to friends and family of patients.

We are licensed by the State of California, and holds the highest rating of the Better Business Bureau. Your treatment plan is designed by the experts according to your medical situation. A complete physical and psychological history is cautiously reviewed for co-occurring disorders, allergies and the span of the drug addiction.

Suboxone has been adopted to minimize the stress level and side effects of withdrawal. An experienced counselor is given to every addict. Our counseling staff works with the client in both group and one-on-one sessions to encourage the understanding of the impact of drugs on your body and life. Our staff members also ensure that you follow the program’s guidelines. Different treatment plans are shaped based on each client’s needs, strengths and abilities.

Nutritious and healthy food is prepared since health conditions are a vital factor in the entire procedure. Physical exercises and Meditation are other factors that are addressed during the procedure. These are natural processes that assist to cleanse your mind from all kinds of negativity caused by drugs.
Red Road Recovery’s drug treatment program has been ranked as one of the most trusted programs in the Santa Clara County, San Jose, and Bay Area. Please feel free to give us a call.