Family Group


Addiction of a single person can affect the overall health and peace of a family. Sometimes, the damage happens over a long period of time and there is a lot of anger, burned bridges and mistrust prevails in the family.

Patients are not the only one affected by addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction hurts patients as well as their families can may convert into a family drug addiction problem. To remove this deadly crisis, we offer family programs. A person’s addiction gets worse with, and may damage or change a family. Red Road Recovery center helps bringing life back to the patients and their families through various recovery programs./p>

When an obsession affects an individual, it affects his or her family and friends as well. At our rehab center, we provide awareness, education, rehabilitation, and family counseling to help family overcome such addiction collectively and successfully.

Red Road Recovery San Jose works thoroughly and closely to re-establish the family with addiction problem as a happy and healthy one.

Components of family drug rehab program include:

Individual sessions: An interactive sessions with highly experienced psychiatrists helps in resolving troubles and restoring affection between the members of the family.
Group discussions: These are held to explain and educate families the different ways to stay away from repeating past mistakes.
Referrals to other community resources: We also introduce our clients with the outside groups that can provide additional help in times of need. Supplemental education on some other factors is also provided.

Red Road Recovery ensures restoration of a regular life again, which is difficult but not impossible. Red Road Recovery in San Jose, Santa Clara County ensures that the client and his/her family members get family harmony back.