Redefining Recovery Through Tailored Drug Treatment Programs

Whether it is your first time seeking help or feel it is time to try something different, Red Road Recovery in Hayward, CA is always there for you. We do things exclusively. Our strategy is based on the most advanced research in the field of medicine, psychology, and social work.

Inpatient Services

At Red Road Recovery in Hayward, we try to bridge the gap between an inpatient drug rehab facility and community-based self-help programs. Our aim is to create an opportunity to let you live a healthy, sober life. People often find they can continue to work or attend school as well.

Medical Support

You will be provided with the access to the full-time medical staff at Red Road Recovery during continuing care or drug detox programs in Hayward. Our professionals are trained in stabilizing the chemistry of the body so that a person can comfortably and safely quit using substances.

Individualized Plan

Together, we can come up with a personalized alcoholism drug treatment plan to address your needs efficiently. The plan encompasses of the individual, group therapy, participation in self-help meetings, and ongoing medical appointments. This comprises of collaboration with outside supports, doctors, and therapists as well.

By offering accessible care, delivering evidence-based heroin addiction treatment and accentuating ongoing support, addiction treatment programs in Hayward at Red Road Recovery consistently yield measurable results. We blend affordable drug rehab with the latest evidence-based practices and historically proven substance abuse treatment modalities so as to heal the entire person. Our drug treatment programs form a solid foundation for sustained recovery and healthy living.

Promising Addiction Treatment Programs

Since inception, we have been successful in shaping recoveries through proven practices and treating patients with dignity and respect. Thousands of people have found hope and healing through our personalized addiction treatment programs in Hayward. Our widespread approach gets to the root of heroin addiction and behavioral health issues, establishing foundations for lifelong healing.

Why Choose Red Road Recovery?

  • High staff-to-client ratio
  • Luxury drug rehab center with supportive residential addiction treatment programs
  • Multiple modalities treated, including cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, motivational interviewing and group therapy
  • Complimentary holistic therapies offered, including acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation and yoga

Red Road Recovery is an outstanding men’s addiction recovery treatment center in Hayward, where the treatment includes group and family therapy, education, and active participation in self-help groups. We recognize the struggles involved with the recovery from heroin addiction and are able to help with every step of the treatment process, beginning with drug detox. The staff of medical professionals at Red Road Recovery is qualified, caring and ready to educate and encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

To experience the most promising and result-oriented progressive drug treatment programs at affordable prices, book appointment today with Red Road Recovery in Hayward at (408) 971-0118!