Our Values

Red Road Recovery in Sacramento offers hope and healing for individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction by treating each day as a promise to their future, not as a consequence of their past.

  • We believe that a healthy and happy workplace for our team is essential to foster a healing environment for our residents.
  • We believe that the safety and well-being of our peer group supersedes the desires and needs of any individual within it.
  • We believe that the role of our clinical team is to foster an environment of honesty, intimacy, and trust for each individual in our drug rehabilitation treatment program in Sacramento, CA. We value the peer-to-peer relationship above all else.
  • We believe that the staff at Red Road Recovery, Sacramento collectively is capable of accomplishing absolutely anything that we set our minds to – mainly the full recovery to a healthy and sober life for each individual in our alcoholism drug treatment
  • We believe that the staff at Red Road Recovery actively strives to make a positive impact on the overall experience for each individual in our best drug rehab programs.
  • We believe in the importance of daily personal disciplines, including morning meditation, daily chores, daily focus sheets, attending 12-Step meetings, and communal activities such as a family style, sit-down dinner.
  • We believe that cleanliness and immaculate order engender an environment of safety, trust, and other-centered consciousness.
  • We believe that effective substance abuse treatment in Sacramento is NOT a consequence of an individual’s addiction, but a promise of our future together in recovery.
  • We believe that it is not only a daily choice to pursue progressive drug treatment, but a choice to actively seek true recovery while in drug treatment.
  • We believe in the relentless and unapologetic pursuit of joy in recovery, and in a power greater than any one of us.

Recovery Philosophy

Red Road Recovery is a luxury drug rehab in Sacramento that strives to create the highest quality addictions and co-occurring disorders program available, combining the most comprehensive evidenced-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to create an integrated multidisciplinary approach that is extensive and life-changing, working at both the emotional level to uncover the core issues causing the addiction or co-occurring disorder, and at the practical level to create coping skills and a clear life plan that gives the individual the best opportunities for long-term recovery and a sober, healthy life.

Treatment With Compassion & Dignity

Red Road Recovery is amongst the best drug abuse centers in Sacramento, where it is believed that recovery is a lifelong process that initiates with self-denial. Our drug treatment programs are personalized for the individuals and families who want the highest level of care in a supportive, healing and intimate environment.

Get connected today to get a comprehensive individual assessment for chemical dependency and experience promising educational alcoholism drug treatment programs in Sacramento designed exclusively for individuals and families.