Personalized Drug Addiction Treatment For Men & Women

Red Road Recovery, located in the heart of San Francisco, has set the standard for drug detox treatment by helping men and women recover in a discreet, luxurious setting. We are committed to offering every person with the best possible care through an individualized approach to substance abuse treatment in San Francisco at competitive prices.

The journey to recovery differs from person to person, and it is the commitment of Red Road Recovery, San Francisco to offer every person with the highest clinical care for long term drug rehabilitation. The staff of medical professionals at Red Road Recovery is qualified, caring and ready to educate and encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. We accept most insurance plans and will certainly verify your benefits for free during drug treatment in San Francisco, CA.

The Admission Experience

  • Immediate assistance 24 x 7
  • A verification of your benefits
  • Clear guidance on the level of care required
  • Helpful answers to your questions

Why Choose Red Road Recovery?

  • High staff-to-client ratio
  • Luxury drug rehab center with supportive residential addiction treatment programs
  • Multiple modalities treated, including cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, motivational interviewing and group therapy
  • Complimentary holistic therapies offered, including acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation and yoga

Red Road Recovery is one of the most prominent smoking rehabilitation centers in San Francisco that offers personalized, private and progressive drug treatment in a calming environment designed to help each client achieve sobriety. We strive to make certain that each client is comfortable at our spacious and hygienic facility, and moreover, that they understand the recovery process, equipping them for their journey.

Detox & Rehab Program

Drug detox is not a treatment for addiction, instead, it is a first step in addressing the issue. Following detoxification, alcoholism drug treatment in San Francisco at Red Road Recovery focuses on helping patients break through the “wall of denial”, which is common to people substance abuse problems. Stress is placed on assisting patients recognize and correct addictive behavior patterns in their lives.

Red Road Recovery is an outstanding men’s addiction recovery treatment center in San Francisco, where the treatment includes group and family therapy, education, and active participation in self-help groups. We recognize the struggles involved with the recovery from heroin addiction and are able to help with every step of the treatment process, beginning with drug detox.

We accept most insurance plans and have a team of dedicated medical professionals with years of experience. Our staff is highly qualified, absolutely caring and is always ready to educate and encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing every individual with the most promising care through a personalized approach to substance abuse treatment in San Francisco at affordable prices.

To begin the path to a lasting recovery, feel free to call Red Road Recovery, a promising drug rehabilitation center for men & women in San Francisco at (408) 971-0118 today!