Individualized Drug Addiction Treatment

Tailored alcoholism and drug treatment programs at Red Road Recovery in San Mateo begins with an initial assessment. Within 24 hours of admission into our health rehab facilities, our medical and clinical team will assess you, the individual, and your drug and alcohol use. This helps us better determine the best course of addiction treatment programs for your stay. Because symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, our individualized, comprehensive assessment is critical to your course of care.

Tailored Plan

Together, we can come up with a personalized alcoholism drug treatment plan to address your needs efficiently. The plan encompasses of the individual, group therapy, participation in self-help meetings, and ongoing medical appointments. This comprises of collaboration with outside supports, doctors, and therapists as well.

Recovery Philosophy

Red Road Recovery is a luxury drug rehab in San Mateo, CA that strives to create the highest quality addictions and co-occurring disorders program available, combining the most comprehensive evidenced-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Our goal is to create an integrated multidisciplinary approach that is extensive and life-changing, working at both the emotional level to uncover the core issues causing the addiction or co-occurring disorder, and at the practical level to create coping skills and a clear life plan that gives the individual the best opportunities for long-term recovery and a sober, healthy life.

Inpatient Services

At Red Road Recovery in San Mateo, we try to bridge the gap between an inpatient drug rehab facility and community-based self-help programs. Our aim is to create an opportunity to let you live a healthy, sober life. People often find they can continue to work or attend school as well.

How we tailor your treatment plan

  • Assessment – After you have settled in, we perform psychological, psychiatric and physical evaluations.
  • Discussion – Together we will review the results, discuss a substance abuse treatment plan and create goals based on your needs.
  • Treatment – Focus on your road to recovery while we treat your mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

At Red Road Recovery in San Mateo, through our luxury drug rehab facilities, we endeavor to deliver unsurpassed care in a comfortable environment by constantly adapting to every patient need, while providing them a foundation of hope to improve their lives.

State of the Art Facilities

Serene and comfortable surroundings, natural setting, and spacious rooms at Red Road Recovery drug abuse center in San Mateo helps to reduce the stress and promote healing effortlessly.

Result-Oriented Addiction Treatment Programs

Since inception, we have been successful in shaping recoveries through proven practices and treating patients with dignity and respect. Thousands of people have found hope and healing through our personalized addiction treatment programs in San Mateo. Our widespread approach gets to the root of heroin addiction and behavioral health issues, establishing foundations for lifelong healing.

To speak with an advisor in confidence or book an appointment in San Mateo, feel free to give us a call at (408) 971-0118!