Dual Diagnosis


Dual diagnosis is the identification of a secondary psychological disorder. Dual Diagnosis is practiced over people who suffer from both a psychiatric and an addiction disorder. It is believed that 90% of people carry some other disorders also, knowledge of which is vital in the treatment of substance abuse. For example, a crack addict can suffer from clinical depression, an alcoholic can suffer from a mood disorder and a bulimic can also become a bipolar.

It is the dual nature of the affliction that remains generally untreated, undiagnosed and is very much responsible for the high occurrence of relapse.

Red Road Recovery center, San Jose ensures that all the symptoms of an addiction will be handled proficiently. Our treatment team for dual diagnoses is specialized and experienced in this field.

Common Symptoms are:

• Violent attacks
• Feelings of isolation
• Problems at work place
• Inability to control expenditure
• Difficulty in conveying mood and thinking
• Mood swings
• Violent attacks
• Inability to manage anger
• Problems with spouse

A patient may carry more than one disorder, so it is necessary to approach well trained, skilled counselors and therapists who can address treat the disorder along with the addiction. Red Road Recovery Treatment Center is the destination for a complete rehabilitation program.