Relapse Prevention


Returning to drug/alcohol use is called a relapse. Individuals recovering from addiction frequently have one or more relapses during the process. Drug addiction is a long-lasting disease. It stays with the person for a long time, occasionally for whole life. Many people who join addiction recovery programs will relapse within the first few months. Red Road Recovery put great efforts in providing best relapse prevention treatment and facilities to patients in recovery.

Causes of Relapse

It is very hard to understand why an addict would choose to return to their addiction. With our efforts, individuals get their life back and enjoy benefits of sobriety.

Most importantly, people need to make more positive changes to their life than just getting rid of substance abuse. Some people who are not progressing in recovery treatment can become disappointed, and therefore return to their addiction. However, relapse could be avoided by using our prevention techniques. Our Relapse prevention techniques include tools that can be used to avoid a return to addiction.

Factors responsible for relapse:

The causes of relapse can be broken down into three main categories:

• Emotional causes: When the individual returns to addiction because they are unable to deal with their emotions and thoughts.
• Unhealthy patterns of behavior: Individuals may develop unhealthy behavior patterns, sudden mood swings which make them more prone to relapse.
• External situations: This factor also increases the possibility of a relapse. For instance, when a person continues to spend a lot time with substance abusers he/she can go in a relapse phase.

Prevention at Different Stages of Relapse

Our prevention techniques are appropriate for the different stages of a relapse.

• Emotional Stage: During this stage, the person will be struggling with recovery, but not really thinking to return to substance abuse. The most suitable relapse prevention technique here would be creating an environment to restore the emotional balance and stability in their life.
• Mental Stage: In this stage, person thinks about using drugs again. The urge to return to addiction can be very strong. Our techniques are very useful to combat this stage before it is too late.
• Relapse Stage: If the right resources are provided to the individual, they may be able to return to the recovery path right away.

Our Relapse Prevention Techniques Includes:

• Counseling Sessions: Our highly experienced counselors provide private counseling sessions to improve recovery. Avoiding drugs or alcohol is not enough to make life fully satisfying.
• Meditation Techniques: It is very useful for dealing with emotional disturbance in recovery. Yoga classes are organized for our clients.
• Exercise: It’s very beneficial in burning off excess energy and improving mental as well as physical health.
• Hobbies: Giving time to interests and hobbies is important. It is essential that people in recovery discover new interests to fill up the time they spend doing drugs.
• Booster Sessions: These are very beneficial to attend because they allow the individual to learn new relapse prevention techniques. The sessions are also useful for gaining inspiration.

Identify the symptoms of relapse:

• Forgetting things
• Excessive tiredness
• Frustration
• Deceit
• Self-pity
• Anger with increased arguments
• Depression

Relapse is a rapid process, it’s not an event. To understand relapse prevention, you have to identify its symptoms and stages. Relapse starts weeks or even months before the occurrence of physical relapse.

Red Road Recovery’s residential treatment and detox programs work with every trait of substance abuse. Our long term experience in this stream has led to sky-scraping achievements and made us as one the leading centers in San Francisco, Bay Area and the Santa Clara County.